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Lisa Taylor Huff

One minute, I was single, over 40 and living the most boring life imaginable...
and the next, I was living the life of my dreams -- as a writer in Paris --
and married to a Frenchman! How did THAT happen?

It wasn't magic... although sometimes it FELT like it, and still does. Whenever I tell others my personal story, they are utterly amazed at how I was able to do all of this -- the usual response is: "Your life is just like a movie!" I tend to agree. Even now, I have days where I can hardly believe that THIS is my life... but it's still all true.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What can you find here on my web site?
  • Read my books. Find out about my current book-in-progress, as well as other books co-authored and edited by me.
  • Read my articles. I've written numerous articles over the past 15+ years. Enjoy!
  • Subscribe to my mailing list and follow me on Facebook or Twitter (see sidebar) to keep up-to-date on my latest projects and daily life in Paris;
  • Read my blog, The Bold Soul™, in which I have chronicled (and continue to write about) my journey of moving to Paris and reclaiming my true self. Or sometimes, I just like to spout off about stuff that I find interesting, fun or just plain stupid. Expect sarcasm; it's part of the package; or
  • Check out my blog for kids of all ages, Frogeo & Mouchette™ in Paris. It's a fun project I started in 2013 with my middle-schooler French step-son as a way of helping him improve his English -- and giving us something creative we can do together!
  • In January 2014, together another American-in-Paris friend (also named Lisa), I co-created NO LOVE LOCKS™, a public education and awareness campaign concerning the proliferation of "love locks" - padlocks with names, initials, dates or messages inscribed - that have now covered FIVE of the historic bridges of Paris and which are destroying not only the view, but the environment and the bridges themselves. Join us and help end this global problem of a once-adorable trend gone completely out of control!

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