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What Readers are Saying

What Readers say about Lisa

"I have enjoyed this blog more than you'll ever know - it has pushed me to be bolder in my life and to keep trying things to move out of the rut I'm in. (And to study French!)"

"Lovely reading on a Saturday morning in Ohio as I sit here with my coffee, reading my all-time favorite blog."

"I recently found your blog and have become addicted. I'm turning 40 in January and you are inspirational!"

"I have spent the last three days reading your entire blog. I laughed, I cried. Thank you for a great three days."

"What a lovely gift you have for writing! This post will make me smile all day. Ah love!!"

"I'm reading this post at my office on a floor of open work cubicles, laughing hysterically..."

"You summed up Paris perfection perfectly."

"Thank you for your article, 'Restore Your Financial Integrity'. I am sitting at my computer this morning wondering how I am going to pay all the bills, if I am even going to make rent this month, what I'm going to do for money next month ... and then I saw your article. This is exactly what I needed to see today. Your message has been a real boon to me already. I am reading your message again and posting it where I will see it every morning. I *will* restore *my* financial integrity!"

"I saw your article in the International Coaching Federation newsletter and it interested me. Living Boldly is something that I have been striving for a while and at points have achieved. Thank you for your insights."

"Lisa: Today, I received an email containing something you wrote. (Healing The Global Heart) I live in NYC and the love of my life is a NYC firefighter. For the past two weeks, I have struggled trying to grant my three young children some form of an explanation as to "how God could allow such a horrible tragedy to happen." Unable to make sense of it myself, I have drawn them close to me and asked them simply to pray to God for the ability to maintain our faith and retain our strength. Your writing has changed me tonight. In fact, I anxiously await their rising in the morning so I can read your article to them and help them see that "everything DOES have a reason," even when we cannot see it. I do not know how many channels (forwards) the email I received traveled any more than I know how it found it's way to me from a friend in Florida, but I shall be eternally grateful. Thank You for helping me to help my family heal." -- from the wife of a FDNY firefighter and survivor of 9/11

What Clients have to say about Lisa

"In 2007, I hired Lisa as a ghostwriter to help me bring my memoirs to life. I have to commend Lisa for her knowledge and professionalism in how to structure content and how to write a book. In a huge project like this, it was not always easy to agree on language, style and ideas, to keep my “voice” and personality alive; but by the end, we’d managed and complemented each other well. Lisa is a true professional and loves what she is doing. I couldn’t have wished for a better professional partner to create my first book, working virtually over long distance [San Francisco to Paris]. She diligently answered all my questions and I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable insights into English grammar and writing. What began as a ghostwriting agreement ended as co-authoring the memoirs of To Drink the Wild Air: One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon. Thank you Lisa, for your help in turning my vision into reality."
-- Birgit Soyka, author of To Drink the Wild Air: One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon

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