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Read this book, then Write your own!
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The Writing Coach's Guide to FINALLY Writing Your Book!

How to stop making excuses and write that book... even if you aren't a "real" writer

The Writing Coach's Guide to FINALLY Writing Your Book!You want to write a book. You have thought about writing a book for a long time, perhaps for years or even decades, but for one reason or another you haven't done it.

Maybe you think you're not good at writing and you need a ghostwriter. Maybe you think you don't have the time to work on a book, that your life is too busy or too chaotic. Maybe you are simply confused, scared, or overwhelmed because you don't know where to start or where to turn for advice. Maybe you feel no one will encourage or support you, or that they will even make fun of you for wanting to write. Or perhaps you are secretly afraid that you might actually succeed in writing your book, and THEN where will you be?

You may have tried to push aside your book idea many times, telling yourself, "It's never going to happen, so I might as well forget about it. I'm not a writer. I'm not good enough."

But if your book idea isn't "going away", then it's time to stop ignoring your book, and start WRITING it.

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What do you get in this simple, easy-to-follow, self-coaching program?
  • Understand the right and wrong reasons to write a book; you need to be clear on what your motivations are.
  • Learn how to dream bigger than you thought possible -- while still managing your expectations and keeping it real.
  • Why your book deserves to be written -- and why, if you don't write it, you're not only short-changing yourself but others, too!
  • Find out what's really getting in the way of you writing your book, and overcome those obstacles.
  • Learn whether or not you need to hire a ghostwriter, co-author, or editor, and what it might cost.
  • Creating a writing plan and strategy for your book -- you can't write it without a plan!
  • Coach yourself (with me in the 'background') through the writing process itself, and before you know it, your book will be written!
  • What's next for you after you've finished writing it; deciding how to publish your book, understanding your options, and figuring out your next steps.
  • My special resource guide and real-world tips from published authors.

What readers are saying...

"Lisa Taylor Huff is a master at coaching people to move forward towards their goals...and this book is no exception. I read her book in one sitting, and one month later I had completed a book I had been wanting to write for a looooong time! Her gentle, yet motivating approach and words of wisdom gave me the extra kick I needed to get moving. Reading this book is like sitting down and chatting with a good friend who truly wants to see you succeed."
-- Sue Rasmussen, Arizona --

"Lisa Taylor Huff's expertise as a writing coach has made a world of difference in jump-starting a book I've been working on for years! I feel inspired again to go forward and get my book out there in print. A must-have for aspiring authors, and the best book I've read for writers in a long time! Very highly recommended.
-- Stephanie Merrill, New York --

"I really enjoyed the "Writing Coach's Guide to Finally Writing Your Book" and found it very helpful in dealing with the writing demons that many writers face. I especially liked the advice and tips you included on how to overcome your writing phobia and just get writing. The personal stories you included about your own writing struggles were inspiring and instructive too. I also liked how you gave a thorough explanation of the publishing options for writers including ebooks. I would definitely recommend your book to any aspiring writer who wants to finally get their book project off the ground and published."
-- Linda Locke, California, --

Buy the book through these booksellers:
You can't sell it if you don't write it. What are you waiting for?
Take action today and go from "wannabee writer" to "Author, Author!"

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